Phytochemicals in STDs Treatment

Plants contain a wide range of substances that are used for treating chronic as well as acute infectious diseases. Many modern drugs in use have been developed from the medicinal plants which has been used by indigenous people. Phytochemicals are chemicals secreted by plants that have disease preventive properties that is used by the plants to protect itself from diseases. Antimicrobial activity of the plant sources can act as a better drug for the strains that has developed multiple drug resistance to antibiotics. Many bacterial STDs can be combated using phytochemicals produced by the medicinal plants. Pharmacological effects of the bio active compounds in the plants must be explored to produce a cure for the multiple drug resistant bacterial STDs.

  • Track 1-1 Antimicrobial Effect of Phytochemicals
  • Track 2-2 Phytoconstituents and its Effects on STDs
  • Track 3-3 Novel Therapeutic Drugs
  • Track 4-4 Multi-Drug Resistance and Phytochemical Drugs

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