Speaker Biography

Stella Nakyanzi

Stella Nakyanzi is a Research Assistant at Makerere Institute of Social Research kampala-Uganda. I have wide researcher in public health and in psychology . I have expertise on marital stability and relationship analysis through scientific direct observations, many of which have been published in peer-reviewed public heath literature. The lessons derived from my work represent a partial basis for the relationship in STIs and HIV counseling movement that aims to improve public health in Uganda. My work has also had a major impact on the development of important concepts on public health sequence analysis In Uganda


Young people in Uganda face various sexual and reproductive health risks including sexually transmitted Infections ( STIs) and unplanned pregnancies .Biggest number of these infections have been caused by the presence of bacterial STIs, extreme poverty levels, poor hygienic behavior, little formal education, unemployment and increased transactional sex for survival among the most vulnerable and poorest adolescents.. Females were more likely to be infected by the four treatable STIs and HIV, despite risky behavior being more common among males The higher prevalence of STIs, including HIV, among adolescent girls cannot be explained by sexual behavior only, as boys reported more risk behavior and were still less affected by STIs. Biological and social factors are definitely of importance. The pro poor strategy was used as main methodology in which a number of poorest adolescents were interviewed in our eight discussions formed groups. It was revealed that the biggest percentage of our adolescents have ever been infected by STIs while committing adultery.