Speaker Biography

Olusola Ajayi

Nigeria Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Program, Nigeria

Title: Prevalence and Risk factors of HIV and Syphilis among Pregnant Women in Ado Local Government, Ekiti State, South Western Nigeria – 2017

Olusola Ajayi


Background: Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are epidemics and causes enormous health and economic consequences in developing countries. HIV, Syphilis and other STDs are transmissible to the unborn babies and results in adverse pregnancy outcomes. This study aimed to determine the prevalence and risk factors of HIV and Syphilis among pregnant women in Ado Local Government Area. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted between March and May, 2017. 340 pregnant women attending ANC and maternity homes were enrolled. Data was collected using semi-structured interviewer administered questionnaire and blood samples from enrollees were screened for HIV and Syphilis using enzyme linked immunosorbent assay. Descriptive, bivariate and multivariate analyses were done and level of significant set at 5%.

Results: Data analysis was carried out on 337 respondents. Mean age was 29.6 years, 108 (53%) were employed, 274 (81.3%) Christian and 251 (74.5%) had lived in Ado LGA for more than 2 years. Majority, 328 (97.3%) and 204 (60%) have heard of HIV/AIDS and syphilis respectively. Eleven (3.3%), 8 (2.4%) tested positive for HIV and Syphilis respectively. Both HIV and Syphilis were found in 1(0.3%) respondent. Predictors of HIV infection includes multiple sex partners in the last one-year (AOR 13.3, 95% CI. 2.6 - 69.8), giving or receiving money or goods in exchange for sex (AOR5.5, 95%CI. 1.0 - 31.0). Predictors of syphilis infection were forced to have sex in the past 1 year (AOR 29.0, 95% CI. 3.4 - 244.1) and new sexual partner in the past 6 months (AOR 10.2, 95% CI. 1.5 - 68.1) Conclusion: The prevalence of HIV (3.3%) and Syphilis (2.4%) was high in this study population. The exposure of pregnant women to some risk factors underscores the need to intensify effort at providing health education to women of reproductive age on prevention of HIV, Syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases.