Speaker Biography

Ayesha Noor

Habib University, Pakistan

Title: Diseases : A new gateway to Social Inequalities

Ayesha Noor

Ayesha Noor is an undergraduate under the degree of Social Development and Policy at Habib University, Karachi, Pakistan. Her research interests involve anthropology and sociology. She is keen in observing how different diseases could also become a hindrance to equal opportunities both mentally and physically. She intends to make health policies better in the future so that people are more aware.


In a third world country like Pakistan where social inequalities have always been at its peak due to different mindsets, various beliefs and diversity which intentionally or unintentionally bring differences among people. This umbrella of social injustice did not even spare the health sector. It too came under the shadow of inequalities and misconceptions mainly. Diseases like HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis became a new path which people took to create boundaries. My paper argues that without having adequate amount of knowledge on such diseases, people tend to believe on false myths and make this life a living hell for people suffering. For this purpose, a clear research should be made first of all to define the medical basis of these infections in details so that awareness should be made and people stop believing and stop the inhumane treatments with victims who need most of the care. According to Journal of Pakistan Medical Association, the patients of HIV/AIDS positive in Pakistan range from as young as 15 years to 49 years of age, the total number being around 70,000 including around 8,000 which are women. The general prevalence calculated to be 0.1% and high risk prevalence being 1-2%. According to World Health Organization, 36.7 million people have been affected with this deadly virus by the end of 2015.